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~  Therapy Animal Collars  ~

An Alternative
To Harsh Drugs & Chemicals!

We can help your pet using natural and holistic energy stored in our collars.

Completely safe, Therapy Collars are designed to provide pain relief, itching relief, allergy relief, anxiety, and more!

$19 For One Month's Supply. 

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  Real Results?

Yes. Some customers using our pet collars (where improvement can be easily observed) such as our COMFORT (pain relief) or YOUNG AGAIN! (helps natural arthritis relief), may see results in as little as one day!

Energy has the ability to heal. This is accepted in modern medicine as well as alternative therapies, holistic health practitioners, homeopathic remedies, and about 3,000 years of acupuncture.  We feel that the technology used in our pet safe collars will help pave the way to the future of natural health care for all animals.

Please call 404.444.2692 to order.

$19 For One Month’s Supply.

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