photo of pet collars-pet pain reliefWhat Are Therapy Collars & Tags And How Can They Help My Pet?

Therapy Collars and Tags are an alternative to harsh drugs and chemicals! We can help your pet using natural and holistic energy stored in our collars and tags.  Completely pet safe, our products are designed to provide pet pain relief, itching relief, allergy relief, and more!

Dr. Oz said “The Future of Medicine Is Energy Medicine.”   He is correct!

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Real Results?

Yes. Some customers using our pet collars and pet tags (where improvement can be easily observed) such as our COMFORT (pain relief) or YOUNG AGAIN! (helps natural arthritis relief), may see results in as little as one day!

Energy has the ability to heal. This is accepted in modern medicine as well as alternative therapies, holistic health practitioners, and homeopathic remedies. We feel that the technology used in our pet safe collars will help pave the way to the future of natural health care for all animals, not just pets!

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Only $19 For A Month Supply!

We Have Specific Pet Holistic Products That Are Designed To Help:

Fleas & Ticks (pet itching relief)  ~  Allergies (pet allergy relief)  ~  Old Age Symptoms (natural arthritis relief for pets)  ~  Pain & Discomfort (pet pain relief)  ~  Physical Trauma  ~  Nervous, Overactive, Anxiety (pet stress relief)  ~  Excess Licking & Scratching   ….and more!

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...the future of natural health for your pets.

  • 10% of Our Profits….

    10% of our profits will be proudly donated to the San Francisco SCPA, Atlanta Humane Society, and The Georgia SPCA. If your non-profit pet rescue organization is interested in using our collars at no charge for in-house use then give us a call.

  • What are Therapy Collars?

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  • Consignment Program For NONPROFIT Organizations

    We have a Consignment Program For NONPROFIT Organizations Looking For A Fund-Raiser! Call us for details.