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General Use Instructions:

There collars are attached together. Tear into 4 separate strips. No need to be delicate as they are strong! (It does not matter which side is facing outward but officially its the shinny side.)

Place the collar around the animal, neck as appropriate and snap the enclosure.  Should you need a longer collar use our enclosed Collar Extender€¯ by attaching the extension to the end of the programmed Therapy Collar.  Please note that if you need to shorten the collar to cut any excess material off the “Extension”¯ and not the programmed€¯ holographic band. (Note, we do not suggest taking a collar that has been on one animal and moving it to a different animal as each animal’s specific energy/frequency will form a type of matching imprint in the holographic collar. This makes the Therapy Collar ideal only for that particular animal.)

Replace every two weeks or sooner if needed.  When not in use, keep the holographic collars away from all energy sources including your body, cell phones, computers, electrical components, and the sun.  Not essential, but a nice precaution, is to keep the collars stored in the Mylar bag.  Regular soap and water will not harm the collars.  However, salt water is not recommended.  We very much look forward to your observations and feedback!

Are the Therapy Collars designed to replace my animal's normal collar?
No. The collar is a thin strong Mylar band but they are NOT designed to be your animal’s main collar for restraint or holding tags.  They come with a reusable snap.

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When Can I Expect To See Results?
In some cases, it depends on the OWNER!!  While that sounds preposterous, this is exactly what Cesar, The Dog Whisperer says as well as Victoria Stilwell says from the TV show, Me or the Dog!  Interaction from the owner is important, similar to intent.  But getting back to a more factual answer, there will be times when the collars are going to take a week or two, usually working at the cellular level, and other times when an improvement could be visible in one day.  Keep in mind that people and animals usually become ill over a long period of time so it should be expected that the collars will need time if they are going to help, naturally.

How long can they work?

In most cases the holographic collars should work up to two months.

Why is there a variable on how long they can work?

It is not uncommon for our collars and to last longer on relatively healthy pets and a much shorter time on very sick animals.  An abnormally sick animal can deplete a hologram more quickly (5 days) because it's body is badly in need. This is rare, but we do see it.  A good analogy might be if someone gave you with a large container of water.  If you were well-hydrated you would sip on the water throughout the day.  This is instinctive.  But, if you were extremely thirsty and dehydrated, your body’s instinct would tell you to drink gulp down the water right away!

Can I transfer a Therapy Collar one animal to another?

We do not suggest taking a collar that has been on one animal and moving it to another animal as each animal's specific energy/frequency will form a type of matching imprint in the holographic collar. This makes the Therapy Collar ideal only for that particular animal.

Are there any side effects associated with the collars?

There are no known side effects. But as with any other healing modality a slight detox€¯ or cleansing may take place in the beginning.

Are they safe for all animals and age?


Will water damage or reduce the efficacy of the collar?

Fresh water will not hurt the holograms. However, we recommend you remove the band before exposure to salt water.

Can different collars be used at the same time?

Absolutely!  In some cases, a synergistic effect is achieved by using more than one type of collar at a time.

Should I discontinue my pet’s medication when using them?

We do not suggest you change the routine your Veterinarian has prescribed unless you have made the personal informed decision to address your pet’s needs only through alternative methods.  Contact your Veterinarian before discontinuing any prescribed medications.

Is it OK to use the collars if my pet is on medication?
Yes.  The holographic collars will not interfere with medications.  We are only helping the body achieve natural homeostasis, it’s natural state of balance.

Do these really work for fleas?
We have seen results in a reduction of fleas or ticks on cats and dogs in only a few days. Our Flea & Tick Collar works best though when supplemented with a flea combing routine.  Please note that our collar will not maintain relief in a flea infested environment.

A Note About Proper Hydration!
Proper hydration is critical to humans and animals. The better hydrated we are the healthier we will be!  A dehydrated animal will most likely not benefit from the Therapy Collars.  Why?  Because cells communicate electrically and water is a conductor of electricity.  Cells flourish with proper hydration.  Please be sure to have plenty of fresh high quality water available at all times!

Has quantifiable scientific testing been performed demonstrating the collar’s results? 
We know of no scientific equipment that is capable of measuring the subtleties of this technology at this time showing programmed holograms to offer health advantages. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Please call 404.444.2692 to order.

$19 For One Month’s Supply.

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