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One package lasts from one to two months and includes four collars.  Each collar is approximately 10” in length and 5/8” wide. Two 10” long Collar Extenders are provided with each order helping to ensure a custom fit for nearly any animal.


Allergy Relief Therapy Collars

Designed To Help Support The Animals Body During Seasonal Outdoor Allergies, Indoor Allergies, and Associated Respiratory Ailments, As Well As Symptoms Associated With Food Allergens.

Calm Therapy Collars

Designed To Help Relieve Anxiousness or Anxiety In Nervous Animals. Helps Relieve Excess Licking and Scratching Caused From Anxiety.

Young Again! Therapy Collars
  (Relief From Old Age Symptoms)

Designed To Help Older Animals Feel Young Again By Reducing The Symptoms of Arthritis, Stiffness, and Soreness.

Flea & Tick Animal Collars

Designed To Help Rid Your Pet of Fleas & Ticks (Please note that our Flea & Tick Relief Collar cannot maintain relief in a flea or tick infested environment.  Our Flea & Tick Collar works best when supplemented with a flea combing routine.)

Comfort Therapy Collars

Designed To Help Reduce Pain & Discomfort From Injury, Trauma, Arthritis, or Old Age Stiffness.

Recovery Therapy Collars

Designed To Improve Healing From Injury or Trauma. It Is Recommended To Use The Comfort + Recovery Collars Together When Maximum Pain Relief Is Needed.

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Please call 404.444.2692 to order.

$19 For One Month’s Supply.

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