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Hi, I just wanted to give you some insight on the cat allergy  relief collar I bought a few weeks ago. It has been VERY helpful for my mother's cat. He has terrible allergies to just about everything needs  to take steroids a few times a week for these. He has worn two of the allergy collars so far & we definitely see results!  He seems more uppity for a 12 year old cat.

Thank you!
Allison, Hanover, PA


SUBJECT: Therapy Collars & Pet Tags For Allergies:

I just want to so thank you very much!!!!!  We have part golden  retriever mix with plot hound, she has suffered from skin allergies for the last four years with lots of discomfort. I thought we  would give this a try, Well worth it....it certainly helps us keep this issue under control. Our Veterinarian couldn't believe the change!  I would very highly recommend this  product!!!!!

Vicky M. Alberta, Canada


My friends in Maryland just called to order more of the flea and tick pet tags, she said they have had their 15 month old dog on a well-known  chemical flea collar and he still had ticks.  She put one of the Flea  and Tick Collars on him, and NO MORE TICKS. The tag has been on for 1 1/2 weeks and it is working so well.Thanks for your awesome energy medicine products for pets (and humans).



I can’t believe the improvement! He is up and moving much better then I have seen in years. He is chasing his tail and acting like he did  years ago. Small movements have been so hard in the past and now he is  fine with the stairs and playing with my other dogs. Thank you so much  for letting me try this, it really works!

Atlanta, GA


Good Morning,

Within 24 hours of Ryder wearing the two holograms I started to  notice a big change in Ryder. Unbelievable guys!! Ryder who couldn't walk more than a mile because of Lyme's disease, achy joints and  swelling can now and very much wants to walk for a couple of miles.  Fantastic!! Ryder and I have always in the past walked a good three and  half miles a day. Ryder is 11 years old, He is a mix of Black Lab and  Shepherd so vets say they are prone to hip displacement. If you know  anything about shepherds and their walk, prance, well Ryder has his  spring back. He really, really does. He also wants to play more often.  His energy is much lighter. Thank You!!!

Cindy Burke
Chatham, Massachusetts


I wanted to take the moment and Thank you so much for sending the  bands.  My dog Coco is doing a lot better. He is definitely more alert  and actually wants to take longer walks like he use to. I saw the  difference in his eyes just overnight.

Charlotte, NC


So grateful for the Comfort and Recovery bands for my 13 year-old, 60 pound amazingly wonderful dog, Rebel. He had the beginning signs of  arthritis when he tore a ligament in his hind leg jumping into the car. He was in great pain and much distress. It was good karma that Rich  visited and recommended the holograms. Rebel€’s improvement wearing the bands is fantastic! He's much more alert and mobile.  cannot thank  you  enough for sharing this!

Woodstock, GA


I need more recovery and pain bands for my dog. I don't know if you  remember me but I attach them end to end to make a big collar and it  works wonders on her arthritis and ailments of being a senior dog.   Thanks so much!!

Houston, Texas


The hologram I ordered for my foster has helped him to calm down around the house.

Atlanta, GA


I’ve been a holistic writer for 30 years. I have never used any kind  of flea deterrent poisons on my pets because I know they cause liver and pancreatic cancer, as do the overuse of vaccines. During my long years  of research, I was blessed to be introduced to subtle energy healing. I  currently use a miraculous microcurrent machine to maintain my own  health. I believe what Rich is doing with subtle energies to balance  pets is the way of future health maintenance. The use of unnecessary  surgery, petroleum based prescription meds, or any kind of toxic  chemicals in our soil, on our selves or on our pets only leads to  future, more serious diseases and the overall pollution of the earth.  Bravo! Rich for being the visionary that you are.

Smyrna, GA


The Vet thought Tiger, our 13 year old dog, had a possible stroke or  neurological damage. His entire left side was numb and he couldn't  control his front legs. We decided not to put him through a lot of tests because of his age and had never spent a single night away from us.  Tiger looked like he was dying. He couldn't move and wouldn't eat or  drink. I was wonder if I was just selfishly trying to prolong the  inevitable.

But two days after you placed the holographic bands on Tiger he  started having bouts of energy. He even made it over to his water dish  to lapped water on his own. A little bit later he started to practice  walking but was still unsteady. After a bit of walking with me holding  his hood for balance, he headed into a flower bed to poop mark his  territory!  What a boy!

Its nothing short of a miracle!

Dunwoody, GA


Day One: DOG DID NOT LIMP TODAY AND IS ALREADY PUSHING ON THE BAD LEG playing with other dogs! When the dog was brought in the house the  owner (the groomer) usually had to put ointment on the sore HOT leg, due to inflammation THE LEG WAS NOT HOT as it usually was and so no need for that ointment.  Both mom and groomer/owner are shocked€!



Our 14 year old Peke who was really having a lot of trouble getting  around.  Just wanted to let you know Mitzi has really perked up. When we let her outside at 7:00 this morning she ran to the door! Thank you so  much!



I wanted to let you know that I put a Relax band on Bandit’s collar.  His itching improved almost immediately.  He still does itch and scratch a bit, but its about 80% better.

Kennesaw, GA


I put a set of bands on my boat neighbor's doggie, a little 8 pound Yorkie.  In 3 days the cloudy is gone out of her eyes in 3 DAYS!!  Seeing as we’ve lived on the water and she’s in the sun all the time ¦(she is almost 10 years old) I assumed she had cataracts and was  wondering how we could afford the surgery! So, I tired it on our dog as  well and noticed her cloudy eyes were normal.

Bokeelia, Florida


I called Monday and I ordered a rush overnight delivery of 3  holographic bands for my 2 month old puppy which had a couch fall on her and damage her spine. She could not walk and had no feelings in her  legs. I decided NOT to tell the vet what the holographic bands were for  even though the puppy was staying at the animal hospital.  I attached  the bands Tuesday at 5 pm. At 9 pm she stood up and partially walked!!  By the next day at 5 pm she totally walked out to greet us! The Vet said he had absolutely no explanation for what he was seeing!

Marietta, GA

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